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  • 15: I’m Happy To Eat Mrs. Chen

    This week we discuss Apple v Epic, Cars, and the new Venom 2 trailer. Shownotes: diversion.fm Follow us: @diversion_fm Media Club Topic: The Neverending Story Your browser does not support […]

  • 7: There’s Something About The Lips

    This week we discuss Blizzcon 2021, the latest Nintendo Direct, and Adam’s issue with Link’s lips. Your browser does not support this feature. Please subscribe in your podcast player of […]

  • 6: The Fanboy on Me

    This week we talk about our Super Mario 3D World experience, plus Mars Perseverance and gaming in movie theaters. Then we discuss our top 3 video game adaptations. Your browser […]

  • 1: A Covid Rave

    In our inaugural episode we discuss Intel’s new CEO, Furry Bowser, Fitbit joining Google, and Adam’s longing for a mask fit for a rave. Your browser does not support this […]


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