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  • 14: Exquisite

    Finally, we’re back! We discuss Apple v Epic, Mortal Kombat, and the end of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Shownotes: diversion.fm Follow us: @diversion_fm Media Club Topic: The Neverending Story […]

  • 11: SMH

    This week we discuss the latest Switch Rumors, Intel heading in the right direction, and why AT&T hates their customers. Then we dig into the first two episodes of Falcon […]

  • 10: You’re Pooped On

    This week we roast Intel’s terrible ads, get intense about remote work, and talk about how dangerous Tesla’s claims of FSD are. Shownotes: diversion.fm Follow us: @diversion_fm Media Club Topic: […]

  • 9: It’s The Tiger King

    This week Ryan has a Moment of Good. We discuss Switch Pro rumors, the battle for privacy on the Internet, and announce our new Media Club! Shownotes: diversion.fm Follow us: […]


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