Tag: razer

  • 11: SMH

    This week we discuss the latest Switch Rumors, Intel heading in the right direction, and why AT&T hates their customers. Then we dig into the first two episodes of Falcon […]

  • 5: Show The Streaker You Cowards

    This week we talk about Adam’s Razer Kishi experience, plus Razer’s new Huntsman keyboard, and dissect Intel’s M1 defense. Then Ryan goes on a Tom Brady rant. Your browser does […]

  • 3: Electromatic Static

    This week we talk about Magic The Gathering, Phasmophobia, Godzilla, and Ryan’s love hate relationship with Plex Arcade. Your browser does not support this feature. Please subscribe in your podcast […]

  • 1: A Covid Rave

    In our inaugural episode we discuss Intel’s new CEO, Furry Bowser, Fitbit joining Google, and Adam’s longing for a mask fit for a rave. Your browser does not support this […]


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